Amuria DLG passes a 4 billion supplementary budget

Amuria district local government has passed a 4,301,212,482Ugx supplementary budget for the F/Y 2023/2024.
The budget was approved in a council session presided by Charles Otim the district council speaker.
In the supplementary budget, production department took the lions share 0f 921,954,333 million shillings.
Secondary schools wages took 834,456,564 ,Secondary school capitation grant was allocated 37,595,000 while Tertiary capitation grant took 155,539,755 million shillings.
Ex-gratia for political leaders was allocated 233,100,000 while 460,000,000 million shillings was allocated for construction of phase II of the out department patients ward at Amuria General Hospital among others.
In May 2023 Amuria district local government approved a budget of 29.7billion shillings. This now pushes Amuria DLG budget for the 2023/2024 F/Y budget to over 4 Billion shillings

Wednesday, October 11, 2023