Operation Wealth Creation

Vision of OWC

A socially and economically transformed Ugandan society

 Mission of OWC

Improvement of household incomes for poverty eradication, wealth creation and overall prosperity of Ugandans through facilitation of sustainable commercial agricultural production

 Overall Goal

Enhancing household participation in commercial agricultural production through community mobilization, equitable and timely distribution of agricultural inputs, and facilitation of agricultural production chains

 Center of Gravity for OWC

The “Centre of Gravity” (COG) for OWC is mobilization of the masses to engage in commercial activities. The responsiveness of the target population to the strategic objective of the President, that is national socio-economic transformation, will determine the success of the programme.

 Objectives of OWC

The overall objective of OWC is to create a system that facilitates effective national socio- economic transformation with a focus on raising household incomes for poverty eradication and sustainable wealth creation.

 Specific objectives

To mobilize the masses to engage in commercial agricultural activities to boost their household incomes;

To distribute production inputs equitably and timely to boost production and productivity at household level;

To facilitate rural technological upgrading to allow smallholder farmers to transform themselves into small-scale industrialists;

To stimulate local and community enterprise development across the country; and

To facilitate infrastructure development particularly in rural areas.